5 Best Restaurants In Noblesville

Oct 19, 2019 | Noblesville

Whether you’re looking for fine dining, delicious local recipes, or mouth-watering junk food, then Noblesville is the place to be. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Indy’s got it and then some. Get ready to tuck in at some of these fantastic restaurants in Noblesville.



Bluebeard is an award-winning farm-to-table restaurant. Having built personal relationships with local and regional farmers, the people at Bluebeard use the freshest ingredients to create some of the most delicious meals. The restaurant boasts an in-house bakery, private dining experiences as well as special event opportunities.



Immerse yourself into a West Indian culinary experience. The restaurant incorporates culture and folklore into everything from the food to the decor. The menu is tantalizing to the senses, and their exquisite cocktails will have you coming back for more.


King Dough Pizza

At King Dough Pizza, pizza making is still a sacred craft completed with utter dedication and skill. Their hand-crafted, hand-tossed pizzas are topped with only the freshest and finest ingredients. If you take your pizza seriously, then this is the place for you.



Vida incorporates design, innovation, and flavor to bring you the very best in Noblesville dining experiences. The master chefs are not afraid to take risks and go the extra mile to offer patrons a culinary experience like no other. The Vida menu embodies modern culinary techniques with a worldly influence.


John’s Famous Stew

Just in time for Winter, John’s Famous Stew will keep you warm and cozy throughout the snowy season. The famous stew is a Macedonian-styled spicy tomato stew, served with fresh white bread. If you’re looking for more than just stew, not to worry, the restaurant offers an exciting selection of delicious meals.

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