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06/08/2022 – Central Indiana Placed On Tornado Watch

Jun 8, 2022 | Blog, Central Indiana, Local News, Storm Damage

During the late afternoon of June 8th, some significant storms formed over South Central Indiana. Some gusty winds and hail were some of the first signs of the trouble to come. Some golfball-sized hail was first spotted in Jennings county and North Vernon. Over in Brown County, a threatening storm was forming at around 4 pm.

While rotation wasn’t visible to the naked eye, weather scientists spotted the storm’s rotation on radar scans of the area. The National Weather Service advised residents to charge their phones and keep an eye on any weather alerts from the National Weather Service. Storms of this side have the potential to develop and become dangerous quickly.

South Central Indiana was placed on a tornado watch due to the significant warm front coming over the area while increasing activity was taking place in the upper regions of the atmosphere.

The intense wind speeds of the storm caused some significant roofing damage to the fire department in Arlington and uprooted quite a few trees across the area. Residents were warned to remain indoors and limit all travel as the storm worsened.

Summitville in Maddison County was completely shut down for travel as an emergency declaration was declared for the area. Summitville Elementary School lost most of its rooftop. And about four homes suffered significant damage, and falling trees completely destroyed a mobile home. It was reported that emergency officials and first responders were going door to door to ensure that community members were safe.

Multiple storm cloud rotations were spotted across South Central Indiana; residents were warned to stay out of harm’s way as much as possible. As a result of the severe wind gusts, nearly 3000 residents lost power in the Rush County area.

While a tornado wasn’t confirmed for the area, an Indiana State trooper stated that there were a few funnel clouds reported. Emergency Management Agency Director for Rush County, Chuck Kemker, confirmed reports of there being a tornado that touched down in the area.

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