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6 Contractor Red Flags

Jan 19, 2021 | Roofing

Roofing projects are already costly and complicated enough without an unreliable contractor creating even more problems. In fact, poor workmanship will be the least of your problems when you hire one such “pro” for the job. But here’s the good news – finding out whether your choice is not up to the task isn’t as difficult as you might expect. Some of the red flags are fairly obvious while some are more subtle. Here are the warning signs that indicate your choice of contractor may not be right for you.

6 Contractor Red Flags
  • They are deliberately vague on the finer details. Given how you’ll be spending a considerable amount of money for your roofing project, it pays to work with a contractor who is transparent about credentials. Do these contractors actually have the essentials every contractor should have? You can easily confirm this by:
    • Asking to see all the necessary paperwork: These should include the applicable contractor licensing that makes them eligible to perform this type of work in your area. They should also have no problem showing you proof of insurance, including workers’ compensation and liability coverage, which helps protect you in case anything untoward occurs in your property during the project. Is the contractor actually refusing to show you the person’s credentials? You might want to drop this person quickly, and find a legit contractor to handle your roof repair or installation.
    • Getting a list of references: One simple and effective way to determine the track record of your contractor is to ask for references. You’ll find that former clients won’t be shy to tell you about what their experience was like with a given company. By getting the lowdown from previous customers, you’ll have a clearer and more accurate idea about how your potential contractors do business and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Cross the contractors from the list if they’re not able to give you references.
    • Asking to check out current projects: The fact is that no matter how pretty the photos on the contractor’s website are, they are not exactly an indication of workmanship quality. Photos can be misleading, and they can hide many imperfections, after all. You’ll want to confirm if they can deliver satisfactory results, and this means checking it out firsthand. Ask your contractors for a tour of their more recent project, whether this involves a roof replacement or repair. You should also make sure they can provide you with updated legal documents with specific information on previous jobs. Are they being vague about these requests? That’s a massive red flag.
    • Getting a detailed estimate: Your contractor should be comfortable about providing a detailed estimate. It should include every aspect of the job -from payment information and material costs to project start and end date, labor costs and even a step-by-step guide of the work process itself. If the estimate is too broad (and they’re not willing to redraft it) and if the information is not in written form, you should take that as a warning sign.
  • They try to put on the pressure. When choosing a contractor to handle your roofing project, you should always be wary of those using high-pressure sales tactics. Some would bait you with a “temporary: low bid, which will change over the course of the project until the final price is as costly, or even costlier, than the standard estimate costs. They will usually cite increased general rate or material costs as the reason for this. If you want to avoid problems during your roof replacement or repair and allow for a smoother experience, you should work with a roofing company that can offer market-value pricing with a comprehensive analysis of costs.
  • They offer prices that seem too good to be true. Sadly, they almost always are. Make sure to ask the contractors why they’re offering such a low price. You don’t want to end up with low-quality materials and sloppy workmanship that can lead to even more expenses. When they can’t provide a reasonable answer, you can politely show them out.
  • They constantly and extensively badmouth their competitors. Hearing them slam other roofers is not only awkward and uncomfortable, it’s also a huge red flag. Your contractors should try to win your business by talking about the strength and quality of their own residential roofing services instead of dragging others down.
  • They are making you pay up immediately. Does it seem like the contractor is a bit too keen to have you sign a contract? In fact, are they already asking for a down payment? While most roofing contractors are reliable, there are still those who are willing to pull a fast one on unsuspecting homeowners. You should consider it a red flag when the contractor is already asking for money upfront. The company may be trying to pay other debts with your funds or, perhaps, the take-the-money-and-run is just their modus operandi.
  • They give you bad vibes. Don’t overlook what your gut is telling you. Sometimes, even contractors that have good credentials and references seem a bit “off”. If you feel like you and your contractor won’t be able to get along well, find someone else instead. You’ll want to work with someone that can establish trust and ensure clear and effective communication. When you and your contractor are always on the same page (and on good terms), your roofing project can go on without a hitch.

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