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5 Benefits of Duro-Last Roofing Systems for Carmel Commercial Properties

Feb 16, 2023 | Blog, Carmel, Commercial Roofing, Duro-last Roofing

There are many options when it comes to sealing and protecting your commercial roof. The owner desires a product that will last for years, protect the tenants or businesses inside, and also offer easy maintenance and repairs if needed. The various choices are many! 

It can be a daunting decision! Place your trust in a company that deals with commercial properties regularly. Rojas Roofing in Carmel has partnered with Dura-Last to provide leak-proof, made-to-fit commercial roofing that is just what you may need! 

Dura-Last is a silicone-based roof coating designed to resist natural weathering while providing long-lasting watertight protection. The white finish to this product offers superior reflectivity which spirals into energy savings. There are even a few color options to suit the aesthetic needs of the property owner if desired.  There is little shade to a large commercial roof, so finding the right material to withstand Indiana temperatures and weather patterns is essential. 

duro-last roofing, commercial roofing, Carmel

Here are five benefits of this roofing material.

Long Lasting

This material has been noted to deliver nearly 30 years of environmentally friendly protection on a roofing surface. It is important to have yearly inspections and any maintenance done quickly to prevent long-term or costly damages. Noting a problem early and fixing it is key to keeping this material long-lasting and useful for years to come. 


The white surface can offer to reflect up to 80% of harmful UV rays. The white membrane is between 50 to 80 degrees cooler when compared to a black or dark rubberized roof. This will allow the heating and cooling system of the building to run more efficiently, causing lower energy bills for the property owner.   


Duro-Last roofing systems are made to resist punctures, chemicals, grease, high winds, high temperatures, and fires. This material is also watertight to prevent leaks or damage to the interior of the building. 

Low Maintenance

As noted above, this surface can last for years with minimal maintenance. Here are some steps to assist in the longevity of the material, and for a yearly maintenance program. It is best to contact a trusted roofing professional to assist with the inspection. 

  • Inspect yearly 
  • Detect minor problem areas
  • Fix these areas before damage can accelerate
  • Removal of debris collected on the rooftop
  • Check areas that are caulked or sealed. Reseal if necessary


Duro-Last is so confident in its roofing system, they offer the best warranties in the industry to protect commercial and industrial installations. Their standard 15-year No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty is transferable, covers defects in components and workmanship installation issues, and has no exclusions for ponding water. When you work with Duro-Last and Rojas Roofing, you will be working with a team that will ensure your roof will last! 

The evidence is clear that Duro-Last Roofing Systems is the best bang for your buck when it comes to protecting the roof of your low-slope commercial property. Rojas Roofing is the most trusted roofing contractor in the Carmel area due to their commitment to honesty, transparency, excellent workmanship, and friendly customer service. We have built a quality reputation you can trust and place your confidence in. We stand behind our work and desire your 100% satisfaction. 

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