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Commercial Roofing Warranties 101

Apr 20, 2021 | Commercial Roofing

A warranty is usually included with a new commercial roofing system to add an extra layer of protection to this large investment. But it also serves as a legal relationship between the roofing manufacturer, roofing contractor and you – the property manager. So you have a clearer idea on what a commercial roofing warranty is, the coverage it can offer and what your responsibilities are, here are the essentials.

Commercial Roofing Warranties 101

Roof warranties are an essential part of every commercial roof.

They are a guarantee that your newly installed system will perform to exact specifications for a certain period of time. Depending on the type of roofing material, quality and manufacturer, a typical commercial roof warranty may offer 10 up to 30 year coverage. Your building’s size and occupancy usually have nothing to do with the warranty coverage you’ll get: it will all be about the roofing system.

They come in two main types.

When investing in a new commercial roof, you’ll need a warranty from the manufacturer and another from the roofing installer. These give your investment enough protection in case anything goes wrong with the new system’s performance.

Manufacturer’s No Dollar Limit Warranty

The manufacturer will fully cover any defective products during the warranty period, regardless of the cost to replace the defective materials. This warranty still gives coverage even if the cost of fixing the problem exceeds that of the original installation. However, any materials or products used that aren’t directly purchased from the manufacturer will not be covered.

Manufacturer’s Material Warranty

This guarantees the new roof won’t fail within a certain period of time. A materials warranty doesn’t have a fee, but like the previous option above, any products or materials used by the contractor that aren’t provided by the manufacturer will not be given coverage.

Manufacturer’s Labor and Material Warranty

This is a limited type of warranty that offers coverage against both material defects and poor workmanship, but up to a dollar limit. Compared to other warranties, the terms of this one considers the size of your roof. So, if you have a larger roof system, you’ll be reaching that covered limit quickly.

There are a couple ways you can void your commercial roof warranty.

That’s why you should read the fine print – you’ll want to avoid certain actions that can inadvertently nullify the coverage you have. Otherwise, you’ll end up footing the bill for a roof repair or installation that would’ve been covered by the warranty. What you should never do, for instance, is to:

Overlooking a professional roof inspection:

Most commercial roofing manufacturers will require the property manager to have a comprehensive inspection of the system at least once a year. Your warranty may be nullified if you fail to comply.

Having unauthorized modifications made to the roof:

These alterations may involve installing new mechanical equipment that create penetrations on the roof like increasing air conditioning capacity or adding ventilation for items related to a renovation, such as bathrooms. Avoid letting your building’s occupants hire their own contractors or do the job themselves. This can lead to unnecessary roof damage, making it more susceptible to leaks that aren’t covered by the warranty. For this reason, limit the access to the roof, and, if there’s any work that has to be done on your roof, it should be you that has to greenlight it.

Putting off storm damage repairs:

When your commercial has sustained roof damage due to a major weather event, have it checked and dealt with immediately by a trusted roof replacement and repair company like Rojas Roofing. Resolving these problems quickly ensures you can keep your roof warranty intact.

Slipping up about roof maintenance:

It’s the property managers’ responsibility to keep their commercial in good shape. That’s why it pays to schedule a regular roof checkup and maintenance. This doesn’t just keep your warranty in place, but it can also prolong your roof’s service life and ensure its continued weather performance.

How Working With Rojas Roofing Benefits You

If you’re getting a new commercial roof this season, you should take into account not only the warranty coverage included with the system, but its installer as well. For many property managers in the greater Indianapolis area, the name to call is Rojas Roofing. Aside from handling residential roofing work, you can also count on us for your commercial roofing needs. Here’s who choosing us for the job benefits you:

Greater Peace of Mind

Rojas Roofing is a fully licensed, bonded and insured roofing company. We also carry the necessary workers’ compensation and liability coverage, ensuring you remain covered on the off chance something untoward occurs during the project. If you ask us to, we’ll be more than happy to show you proof of our qualifications.

Exceptional Workmanship

For over 10 years, Rojas Roofing has provided homeowners and property managers with the highest quality commercial and residential roofing solutions. We are deeply committed to delivering full customer satisfaction through timely and efficient workmanship, so you can always expect the best results. Not only that, we have our own workmanship guarantee: 15-year coverage on labor and installation. And, because we are already familiar with the building codes and regulations specific to this area, any project we take on will be up to code.

Customer-Centric Service

At Rojas Roofing, we always put our client’s needs first. We are always ready and able to answer and questions or promptly address any concerns you might have. We do our best not to leave any issue unresolved, which is why we maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and have earned an Angie’s List® Super Service Award. We are also grateful for all the positive feedback and five-star reviews we’ve received from pleased customers on Facebook and Google My Business.

Extensive Roofing Services

Rojas Roofing specializes in commercial roofing. No matter the building or its size, you can trust us to install a roofing system that performs well and lasts longer. We can manage roof installations on restaurants, retail stores, strip malls, grocery stores, government buildings, churches, warehouses and more. We can also work with a variety of materials, from single-ply roofing and built-up to metal and asphalt shingles.

Whether you need professional commercial roof replacement or residential roof repair, look no further than Rojas Roofing. We’ll help you get the most of your investment with our top-tier products and unmatched workmanship. Call us today at (317) 864-6193, or fill out this contact form to schedule your roof evaluation. We serve Noblesville and the Greater Indianapolis area.