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Fall Roof Maintenance: What to Inspect

Apr 19, 2021 | Roofing

Winter is quickly approaching, but you’ve still got time to do some fall roof maintenance to prepare your roofing system. However, it’s best to work with your roofing contractor for some professional maintenance to avoid problems come wintertime.

Fall Roof Maintenance: What To Inspect

Here are the parts of your roofing system that need some inspecting and upkeep.


Gutters play an important role in keeping your home from water damage. Clogged gutters can lead to issues, including ice dam formation, which is one of the leading causes of damage to roofing systems. If you’re not comfortable with heights, hire a gutter cleaner to remove the debris in your gutters and downspouts, and prevent obstructions. You can also consider installing a gutter guard to prevent most types of debris from ending up in your gutters.


You can do a preliminary inspection of your attic to determine if there is any damage. If you find shafts of light coming in through the roof, you have a problem with holes. You might also spot clumped insulation, mold, moss and other things that mean your roof has a leak. It’s important to work with residential roofing professional to correct the issues before winter comes.

Attic Ventilation

Another cause of ice dam formations is attic overheating. An overheated attic also damages your shingles and possibly other components of your roofing system. Overheating is a product of a lack of attic ventilation. Get in touch with your roofer to discuss how you can manage your attic’s ventilation problem.

Shingles and Flashings

Of course, you have to check the main components of your roofing system. Your shingles are exposed to the elements all year, and it’s a good idea to inspect them for damage, particularly before the cold and snowy days of winter. Check for missing, cracked or misshapen shingles. Check also for flashings that need to be replaced to prevent leaks. Hire a reputable roofer to take care of the repairs.

Fall is the perfect time to inspect your roofing system for possible problems so you can rest easy that it will hold well during the winter season. Get in touch with Rojas Roofing for roof replacement and repairs. Call us today at (317) 864-6193 to schedule an appointment.