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4 Things to Make Sure You Get Installed with Your New Roof

Mar 9, 2023 | Blog, New Roof, Noblesville, Roof Replacement

The roof of your home is like a bond that holds all of the contents safely together. There is so much more to a quality roof than just what is on the surface. When you place your trust in Rojas Roofing in Noblesville, you can rest assured we address all areas of a roof for complete protection to last for years to come.  

roof replacement, new roof, Noblesville

Here are some things we will discuss with you when installing your new roof.


When installing a new roof, it is a wonderful time to consider the amount of insulation in the home. According to, the proper amount of insulation should be about 10 to 14 inches, depending on the insulation type. 

Having the proper amount of insulation in an attic will:

  • Help with lowering the cost of healing and cooling in the home
  • Controls air leakage
  • Gives better air quality in the home
  • Increases home value 
  • Helps to prevent ice dams 
  • Deters pests 
  • Reduces noise
  • Prolongs the life of your roof


Many don’t realize that gutters are an integral part of a properly working roofing system. Gutters control the water on a roof, by collecting it and diverting it away. When a gutter is clogged or damaged, the water can collect in the gutter which could result in moisture and mold buildup in the nearby shingles. This can be especially damaging in the winter months when snow and ice are involved. 

If the gutters on your home are not working properly, or need to be upgraded, speak with Rojas Roofing for assistance. We strongly recommend seamless gutters or half-round gutters as proven quality systems. Gutter guards are an additional consideration to keep your gutters and roof lasting even longer. 


This is a layer of protection under the roofing material and over the roof sheathing, or roof deck. This material is made of one of two materials, both having their pros and cons. The first is felt which is created by saturating paper or fiberglass mat with asphalt. The second option is synthetic roofing underlayment, consisting of long-lasting polymers which repel water and are a tough strong material. 

Discuss with Rojas Roofing which underlayment is best for your particular use, need, and budget.

roof replacement, new roof, Noblesville

Ice and Water Shield

This shield is just as the name suggests. It is a waterproof membrane rolled along the gutter line 3 feet up to ensure melting snow and ice runs into the gutters instead of behind your siding. Its main purpose is to protect the roof decking if water gets under the roofing material. 

There are three main types of ice and water shield:

  • Granular/sand surface
  • Smooth
  • High heat

Again, trust Rojas Roofing with assistance in this product to protect your roof and help it to last longer. 

We are committed to completing every job with honesty, transparency, excellent workmanship, and friendly customer service. Our mission is to provide you with the best in quality products while addressing your needs. There are quite a few steps and decisions that go into installing a new roof, and we can work together to make sure you have the best products to help your new roof last for decades with durability and strength. (You might want to know cost of roof replacement.)

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