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Roof Condensation: 3 Essentials You Need to Know

Feb 19, 2021 | Roofing

Did you know there are actually three types of roof “leaks”? The water leaking through the roofing system when it’s raining is one; the freezing drops caused by ice dams along the eaves and gutters are another. The third one is a bit more complicated because it’s not exactly a roof leak in the usual sense. The wetness you feel along the walls, or the water stains you see on the ceiling might actually be roof condensation. Here’s why you should care about it.


Roof Condensation: 3 Essentials You Need To Know

Roof condensation can become a huge problem.

It might not be an actual leak, but this doesn’t mean you should overlook roof condensation. That’s because it can still indirectly affect the longevity and performance of your system. Roof condensation occurs when there’s excess moisture in the air. Some areas inside your home, such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room, may have higher levels of moisture because they generate a considerable amount of water vapor.

Your roof may also be exposed to condensation. This may happen when warm, moisture-laden air from your home’s interior rises and builds up inside the attic. When it touches the underside of the roof, the water vapor becomes actual liquid water. If the roof structure is constantly exposed to water, mold (and eventually rot) will form, compromising its integrity. And, when it’s overlooked? The roofing system might start to sag, prompting a roof replacement.


The signs of roof condensation are easy to spot.

It’s even more obvious during the cold season. Frost can accumulate on the underside of the roof sheathing. When the temperature rises, the frost will melt and emulate a roof leak. You’ll notice that the “leak” usually occurs above common heat sources. These include light fixtures, kitchen stoves, fireplaces, bathrooms and poorly ventilated exhaust fans. If your roof is in good shape, but water stains have formed on the ceilings, those may have resulted from condensation. Another warning sign is the ice dam forming along the roofline during winter. It could mean that heat and moisture from your home is leaking into the attic.



Roof condensation can be mitigated in a number of ways. 

The first thing you should do is find the source of excess moisture in your home and deal with it immediately. This way, there’s less chance of warm, moisture-laden air escaping to your attic and negatively affecting your roof. Here’s are some tips to get you started:

  • Remove old and malfunctioning exhaust fans in the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom, and have new ones installed.
  • Make sure the exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom, along with their dryer vents, are not discharged into the attic. They should always be discharged outside.
  • Control, or cover sources of high humidity, such as fish tanks, radiator water pans and large indoor plants.
  • Run dehumidifiers to control the amount of moisture inside your home.
  • Make sure the attic has adequate and properly installed insulation to prevent heat and moisture from finding their way into the space.

The simplest way, however, is to keep the attic well ventilated. This helps ensure the attic air temperature is below freezing, which reduces ice dam formation and possible “fake leaks”. Proper ventilation expels warm and moist air, and lets in cooler air to cycle through the attic space, helped along with the right number and type of ridge and roof vents installed by a trusted roofer like Rojas Roofing.



What to Expect When You Turn to Rojas Roofing

While that dripping might not turn out to be a roof leak, it still pays to make sure. Just turn to your premier roof repair company, Rojas Roofing. We’ll perform a comprehensive inspection of your roof to accurately determine whether you have a leaking roof or issues with condensation in the attic. Either way, we’ll suggest the appropriate solution to the issue to help keep your home and roof safe from damage. Here are more of the things you can expect when you choose us to handle your needs:



You’ll be working with a credentialed roofer.

Rojas Roofing is eligible to perform residential and commercial roofing work in your area because our company has all the necessary licenses, bond and insurance. We also carry workers’ compensation and liability coverage for your better protection. On the off-chance that something goes awry during your project, you know you’re completely covered.



You have access to exceptional products. 

We’re not just a licensed and insured residential roofing company; we are also a certified one. Rojas Roofing has always aimed to provide the homeowners we serve with only the highest quality products. That’s why we are an Atlas® Pro™ Plus Gold Level Roofing Contractor.

Our Atlas Pinnacle® Pristine architectural shingles are designed for excellent and lasting weather performance, helping keep your home damage-free no matter the season. Plus, they come with a solid warranty coverage that adds an extra layer of protection to your investment. And, if you want alternative materials that are just as tough and high quality, you can check out our metal and cedar shake roof options.



You’re sure to get superior workmanship. 

For 10 years, Rojas Roofing has delivered reliable and personalized roofing services to homeowners and property managers in the Greater Indianapolis area. Our workmanship is backed by experience, ensuring your roof repair or replacement project is completed right the first time. This means no shortcuts nor callbacks – only a safe and worry-free roofing experience throughout.



You’ll have greater peace of mind. 

Rojas Roofing is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. We have built a proven reputation over the years for exceeding the expectations of our clients in every job we do. What’s more, we take care to always listen to any concerns and promptly address them for your ease of mind. This is one of the reasons we have been awarded the Angie’s List®  Super Service Award and maintain an A%20 Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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