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What To Do If Your Roof Damage Claim Was Denied

May 9, 2023 | Blog, Central Indiana, Noblesville, Storm Damage, Useful Tips

My insurance claim for storm damage was denied: What do I do next?

Disclaimer: We are not public adjusters and we do not offer legal advice. The following is a recommendation of possible actions based on our experience within the industry.

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If your insurance claim was recently denied or under bid for legitimate storm damage to your property, you can consider the following actions to possibly reverse the initial decision:

  1. Ask for a second inspection. Along with your trusted roofer, you can send an email or make a request on your behalf for a second inspection. The roofer should be present at that time to assist in the process. The roofer may be asked to provide photographic documentation of why a second inspection is being requested, and that should include evidence to support the idea that damage was missed or looked over in the initial inspection. This is why the email chain should include all parties involved.
  2. Get a public adjuster involved. If a second inspection does not work and, again, you have legitimate damage, you can hire a public adjusting firm to take the claim to appraisal. There are a couple of local public adjusting companies in Indianapolis that work with cases like this. There will be additional fees associated with this course of action and the process usually takes 6 months to a year, but if your claim is approved, it may be worth it to not have to buy your roof or your siding out of pocket.
  3. If you are unable to go with the above actions or simply wish to take the insurance hassle out of the picture, you can also choose to finance or pay for your roof out of pocket. That way, the job is done and you have peace of mind that your roof is secure.  

Ultimately, denied claims can be a big source of stress for the consumer. Storm restoration companies in Noblesville want your claim to be approved and they want to move through the process as quickly as possible, because that’s how they make money. The insurance company has the opposite goal, so don’t be surprised if you observe behavior that seems unfair. 

It’s always helpful for the homeowner, the actual customer to the insurance agency, to get involved. Call, email, and communicate your frustration to your insurance company. Ask for a supervisor or to escalate your case. These types of tactics can often speed the process along.