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How To Keep Your Gutters In Good Shape This Winter

Dec 14, 2020 | Gutters

In Indianapolis, the winters are short, extremely cold and windy. One of the important tasks to accomplish when getting your home ready for the season is to winterize your gutters. Performing gutter cleaning and maintenance long before the winter begins will keep your gutters in top shape and diminish water-related problems over the winter season.

How to Keep Your Gutters in Good Shape This Winter

Trim Back Branches

Large limbs or tree branches hanging over your home are a no-go. They can cause leaves, twigs, seeds and other debris to fall and build up in your gutter troughs. Before the fall season concludes, make sure to trim back branches carefully during a seasonal maintenance routine to prevent the gutters from becoming clogged or damaged.

Clean Out Your Gutters

An essential thing to carry out is to clean your gutters so there are no blockages when snow starts cascading down. If your troughs are filled with leaves and foliage, the snow and ice will not drain properly and can cause an overflow in the gutters. If there is too much weight sitting on your gutters, they could detach from the house, prompting you to call a roof replacement company to have your gutters reinstalled.

Use a Heat Cable

A good tip to help winterize your gutters is to install a heat cable. Instead of waiting for warm weather to melt snow and ice in your gutters, a heat cable will warm the dams and melt them efficiently so they can run off your house properly. It also helps minimize seasonal damage and extend the life of your gutters and roofing system in general.

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