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Let Us Take Care Of Your Gutter Problems

Mar 24, 2021 | Gutters

Routine maintenance will always keep your gutters in peak condition. But sometimes you’ll encounter unexpected problems that need to be addressed to prevent further damage to your home. You can try to DIY some of the repairs, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll do a good job even if you have some experience in home improvement.

Let Us Take Care of Your Gutter Problems

Just like routine maintenance, gutter problems are handled better by a professional contractor. Here’s how we tackle some of the typical gutter problems:



Leaking Gutters

Water leaks from your gutters usually originate from the joints between the sections. When you have water constantly pooling over your gutters, they’ll eventually seep through the seams if you have aluminum gutters or rust the seams in galvanized steel gutters. If you’re already having this problem, a simple DIY repair won’t suffice. To ensure that you won’t encounter similar problems later on, it’s better to hire us so that we’ll address this issue with speed and efficiency.



Downspouts Not Diverting Water Properly

Your downspouts should properly divert water runoff away from your home and into the floor drain. They shouldn’t dump rainwater at the base of your exterior walls as the water can pool and soak into the soil, which will compromise the foundation over time. As a trusted residential roofing and gutter contractor, we’ll solve this problem by installing a diverter that fits onto the bottom of your downspout. You can even choose to install some recoiling diverters that can unfurl as soon as the running water hits them!



Pooling/Overflowing Water on Your Gutters

This type of problem is typically caused by clogged gutters and downspouts. It can also be due to your gutters and downspouts not being big enough to handle the volume of rain runoff. It could even be an indication that part of your gutters may be sagging, preventing water from reaching the downspouts.

In most cases, your gutters overflow because of leaves and other small debris clogging them. So, after we do a thorough cleaning, they should be good as new. Hire us to install a gutter guard so that you can avoid dealing with clogged gutters!

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